yupo synthetic paper

YUPO® Static

    • Origin:


    • Manufacturer:
      YUPO Corporation


    • Product Name:
      Japan “YUPO OCTOPUS®” Synthetic Paper


    • Characteristics:
      YUPO® Synthetic paper is made from polypropylene resin as its primary material. YUPO® has a smooth surface, making it suitable for a lot of usages.
      •  Waterproof
      •  Durable
      •  Tear-resistant
      •  Environmentally friendly
      •  100% tree-free
      •  No ozone-threatening emissions result from the manufacturing processes
      •  Does not emit any harmful gas or chemicals when disposed
      YUPO® Static:

      •  Both sides can be used – no liner (WES135, WESA165)
      •  WES135 = one side white, one side transparent
      •  WESA165 = both sides white
      •  WEJ200 = only one side printable
      •  Bubble free
      •  Special handling or application is not required
      •  Easy to apply and remove
      •  Sticks to many different surfaces, both smooth and rough
      •  Smoother surfaces will guarantee better and longer adhesion
      •  Maximum size of application: 1 m²
      •  YUPO Static® will stick for approximately 1 month minimum. It can stick longer depending on how smooth and clean the surface is.
      •  YUPO Static® should only be applied once. Removal or repositioning will reduce the electrostatic charge.
      •  YUPO Static® is designed for indoor usage. Wind and movement near YUPO Static® can remove the product.
      •  Printable by UV offset, UV digital and HP Indigo (WESA165)
      •  Home/office use grade is also available (Good for retail shop fronts)
      •  WESA165 is certified for HP Indigo 7600/7500/7000/5600/5500/5000 series for a small lot printing output


    • Applications:
      POS, Posters, Temporary advertisements (eg. GSS), Advertisements on electronics


    • YUPO Static®:


WES 135 135 116 UV Offset
UV Digital
WESA 165 165 142 UV Offset
HP Indigo
WEJ 200  – Home/Office inkjet