yupo synthetic paper

YUPO® General – FPG

    • Origin:


    • Manufacturer:
      YUPO Corporation


    • Product Name:
      Japan “YUPO® General” Synthetic Paper – FPG


    • Characteristics:
      YUPO® Synthetic paper is made from polypropylene resin as its primary material. YUPO® has a smooth surface, making it suitable for a lot of usages._

      •  Waterproof
      •  Durable
      •  Tear-resistant
      •  Environmentally friendly
      •  100% tree-free
      •  No ozone-threatening emissions result from the manufacturing processes
      •  Does not emit any harmful gas or chemicals when disposed

      YUPO® General – FPG (oxidation ink / double side print):

      Until the release of New YUPO® FGS, General YUPO® FPG was YUPO®’s most general grade, finding varied applications ranging from commercial printing material to adhesive material._

      Since it produces somewhat more powder than FGS, it is not ideal for UV offset printing, but it provides exceptional performance with oil-based offset printing. General YUPO® FPG is used widely throughout the world, including Asia, Europe and North America.