Singapore Paper Merchant Association (SPMA) – Gala Dinner

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Singapore Paper Merchant Association (SPMA) celebrated its 40th Anniversary on 10th July 2015. JPP FAR EAST (S) PTE LTD is an active member in SPMA and celebrated the event with other merchants, business partners and distinguished guests in conjunction with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Celebration. 


Followings are the excerpts from opening speech of SPMA President – Mr. Gary Kong:


“40 years is a great milestone. We all know that the journey this far is not a smooth one. To name a few, oil crisis; financial crisis; SARS and global economy crisis in year 2008. We all have gone through these challenges in our own ways. Now the challenge domestically has come in the form of high operating expenses, digital media and tight labour market. Nevertheless, with true grit and seamless co-operation from all members and business partners, we will be able to overcome obstacles that is laid ahead of us.


With better collaboration with members of SPMA and business partners, together with our government assistance for businesses, with skilled and healthy workforce, we will be a strong workforce to seek new opportunities in order to celebrate many more anniversary like tonight.”


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